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Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 + Portable

Pirate4All | January 27, 2018
Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 + Portable - Adalah applikasi untuk create, resync atau edit subtitle yang amat berguna bagi penggemar movie. Subtitles yang didownload dari internet tidak semuanya sync dengan baik kerana walaupun ianya lari hanya 2 saat, ia sudah cukup menjengkelkan apatah lagi movie yang ditonton masih hangat diperkatakan. Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 membantu anda resync balik subtitles dan anda dapat tonton movie dengan aman. Anda juga dapat mengapplikasikan berbagai effects pada subtitles seperti typewriter effect, karaoke dan lain-lain. Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 mempunyai tampilan yang bagus. Ia juga mempunyai versi portable. Jadi, anda dapat gunakan di mana sahaja tanpa perlu install applikasi tersebut.


  • Create/adjust/sync/translate subtitle lines
  • Convert between SubRib, MicroDVD, Advanced Sub Station Alpha, Sub Station Alpha, D-Cinema, SAMI, youtube sbv, and many more (200+ different formats!)
  • Cool audio visualizer control - can display wave form and/or spectrogram
  • Video player uses DirectShow, VLC media player, or MPlayer
  • Visually sync/adjust a subtitle (start/end position and speed)
  • Auto Translation via Google translate
  • Rip subtitles from a (decrypted) dvd
  • Import and OCR VobSub sub/idx binary subtitles
  • Import and OCR Blu-ray .sup files - bd sup reading is based on Java code from BDSup2Sub by 0xdeadbeef)
  • Can open subtitles embedded inside matroska files
  • Can open subtitles (text, closed captions, vobsub) embedded inside mp4/mv4 files
  • Can open/OCR XSub subtitles embedded inside divx/avi files
  • Can open/OCR DVB subtitles embedded inside .ts (Transport Stream) files
  • Can open/OCR Blu-ray subtitles embedded inside .m2ts (Transport Stream) files
  • Can read and write both UTF-8 and other unicode files and ANSI (support for all languages/encodings on the pc!)
  • Sync: Show texts earlier/later + point synchronization + synchronization via other subtitle
  • Merge/split subtitles
  • Adjust display time
  • Fix common errors wizard
  • Spell checking via Open Office dictionaries/NHunspell (many dictionaries available)
  • Remove text for hear impaired (HI)
  • Renumbering
  • Swedish to Danish translation built-in (via Multi Translator Online)
  • Effects: Typewriter and karaoke
  • History/undo manager (Undo=Ctrl+z, Redo=Ctrl+y)
  • Compare subtitles
  • Multiple search and replace
  • Change casing using names dictionary
  • Merge short lines/split long lines
  • Export to PNG images (+bdn xml), Adobe Encore FAB image script, VobSub, Blu-ray sup, EBU stl, PAC, and plain text

What's New:

  •  Add new subtitle format 
  •  Add support for fcpxml 1.6 
  •  Add sync options when re-exporting image formats 
  •  Add new shortcuts 
  •  Add shortcut "Go to prev scene change" shortcut
  •  Add more image based formats to batch/cmd-line convert
  •  Add advanced fcpxml 1.5 export
  •  New plain text import format "Final Draft Template" 

Supported OS:

  • Windows


How To Install:

1.Just Install

Download Here:

Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 + Portable Reviewed by Pirate4All on January 27, 2018 Rating: 5 Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 + Portable - Adalah applikasi untuk create, resync atau edit subtitle yang amat berguna bagi penggemar movie. Subtit...