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NextUp TextAloud 4.0.1 Full Version

Pirate4All | March 26, 2018

Full Version

NextUp TextAloud 4.0.1 Full Version - adalah software yang menukarkan sebarang text  daripada document, web, pdf, word atau apa saja dalam bentuk text kepada percakapan ataupun audio dan boleh disimpan ke komputer dalam format mp3. Software ini amat membantu golongan disleksia atau golongan yang menghadapi kesukaran membaca. Ia juga memudahkan kehidupan harian anda kerana tidak perlu lagi membaca sesuatu artikel dengan panjang lebar dan memenatkan dan cukup dengan hanya membiarkan NextUp TextAloud 4.0.1 Full Version melakukan kerjanya. Tidak hairanlah jika ianya adalah software yang terbaik mendahului software lain dalam menukarkan text kepada percakapan. Jadi, jimatkan masa pembacaan anda sambil melakukan pelbagai aktiviti dengan NextUp TextAloud 4.0.1 Full Version


  • Single-Article and Multi-Article Mode for listening to articles one at a time, or building a playlist to listen to later.
  • Load articles using the Clipboard, Document Import, Hot Keys and Drag and Drop.
  • Support for Word, PDF and HTML documents.
  • Support for multiple Text-To-Speech engines, including international voices.
  • Support for WAV, MP3 and WMA audio files.
  • Proofread tool for listening to documents as you proofread.
  • Plugin toolbar for Internet Explorer, chrome, mozilla firefox to listen to web pages.

What's New:

Pronunciation Dictionary Enhancements 
You can now keep the Pronunciation Dictionary utility open while using TextAloud. There is a new Autosave option, Dictionary Import / Export is now available under the File menu, and the list of entries for a dictionary can be sorted by clicking column headings.

Integration with Pocket and Instapaper 
Users who sign up for online save-for-later services Pocket™ ( and Instapaper™ ( can import bookmarked articles into TextAloud. You can link to these services from Settings in TextAloud to create an account. You will also need to install their extension in your browser.

Rebuilt Floating Toolbar 
The Floating Toolbar is all new and is now able to speak selected text in any window, or import selected text into TextAloud. All Floating Toolbar settings are now configured from the toolbar itself.

New Theming Support (Skins) 
You can choose to limit the theme selection to high contrast themes, and when you select a theme, the default article colors and word highlighting options will follow the theme you select. These changes can help low vision users get set up and going more quickly.

Changes to the Speak Button 
There are now separate buttons, “Speak” and “To File”, with associated dropdown menus to control where speaking begins (From Cursor, From Start of Article, etc.). 

Article List on the Left 
Under the View menu, you can configure Multi-Article mode to display the article list on the left, or you can instead choose a tabbed display as in the previous version. 

Simplified Word Highlighting 
There is now a 'Highlighting Style' combo box that lets you easily pick between different styles. 

Use the article scroll bar or keyboard to scroll the TextAloud window while speaking is in progress. 

New Navigations 
The navigations “Repeat Current Sentence” and “Repeat Current Paragraph” were added to the Navigations menu.

Speak From Sentence 
Have speaking start from the beginning of the current sentence. So if you stop speaking temporarily, you can resume speaking from the start of the sentence instead of starting in the middle

Speaking Rules 
The Settings dialog includes four pages / tabs of rules you an configure, including many things that used to require pronunication dictionary entries to be created. For example, automatic pauses and character filtering are now there as speaking rules.

New Hotkeys 
System hotkeys were added to toggle ‘Watch Clipboard’ and ‘Watch Mouse’. The hotkeys include an option to display a confirmation so you know the watch option was turned on or off.

Clipboard / Mouse Speak 
A new option to ignore clipboard updates / mouse updates while speaking is in progress.

Configurable Double Click 
Shortcut setup now lets you configure how to treat double clicks in the article area. By default, Ctrl+Double Click will perform a Speak from Cursor action, and Ctrl+Alt+Double Click will open pronunciation dictionary maintenace with the currently selected word.

Improved File Splitter 
The File Spliter has been updated to support splitting ePub documents by chapter. Articles created using split by chapter will have chapter names assigned as article titles.

Audio File Enhancement 
Support added for writing Ogg/Vorbis audio files.

Audio Meter on Voice Options Panel 
The voice options panel now has an audio meter to help facilitate using voices at high Sapi5 volume settings. When you test the voice you can tell if the audio is being clipped, and you need to lower the Sapi5 volume (not the system volume) for the voice.

Right To Left Text Support 
For customers that use Arabic and/or Hebrew voices, we improved the text control for right to left text. This is an option under the Edit menu.

New Repeat Tag 
There is a new “Repeat” Tag. To use it, select some text in the article, and click Insert Tags -> Repeat. Pick the number of times you want the text repeated, and it generates a tag.

Enhanced Voice Change Tag 
The new voice change tag will adjust voice speed, voice pitch and voice volume along with the voice change.

Show / Hide Tags 
There is now an option to hide tags in the text. The beginning and end of the tag marker is displayed so you know it is there.

Supported OS:

  • Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP


How To Install:

1.Ekstrak files
2.Install program
3.Exit setelah selesai
4.Copy crack ke folder program

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