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Soft Organizer 7.51 Full + Crack

Pirate4All | December 03, 2019

Full Version
Soft Organizer 7.51 Full Version 

Merupakan aplikasi yang amat berguna untuk menginstall aplikasi serta menjejaki perubahan yang dibawa ke atas sistem apabila aplikasi tersebut diinstall, membuang sisa peninggalan aplikasi apabila diuninstall dan juga mencari update terbaru aplikasi yang telah diinstall. Soft Organizer 7.51 Full Version .


Search for leftovers of the already uninstalled programs
Allows you to remove leftovers of already uninstalled programs.

Search for traces (residues) of the program being uninstalled
Allows you to remove traces of programs that were not tracked while installing (powered by the Full Uninstall technology).

Tracked installation of programs
Installs apps and tracks changes in the system to enable removing tracked elements later (powered by the Full Uninstall technology).

Universal Windows Apps Removal
Allows you to remove universal Windows 8/10 apps that was installed from Windows Store.

Built-in program rating
Program rating allows you to evaluate installed applications. The rating is calculated based on the total number of users who have removed this app from the computer shortly after installation.

Automatic restore points
Automatic creation of restore points during the removal of application residues indemnifies the system against any possible emergency.

Remove multiple programs at once
You can easily remove even multiple applications in Soft Organizer by simply selecting all programs you don’t need anymore and clicking "Uninstall".

"Silent" program installation
For those setup packages that support silent install, you can install applications in the "no questions asked" mode in one click.

Export the list of installed programs to HTML
When you contact the support staff of a company, they may ask you about the programs installed on your computer. You can easily get such a list in a few clicks. The list is saved as an HTML file that is easy to open and to read.

Sorting and grouping of the list
The list of programs can be sorted by various parameters (install date, tracking status, title, and others) for instant search for given apps in the list.

Program quick search function
With quick search, you can find a desired application almost immediately, as long as you know its title or a portion of it. The list dynamically shortens as you type the text in the search box.

Agent to detect installer launches
The Agent allows you to detect if an installer is launched and initiate installation tracking without manually starting Soft Organizer.

Built-in automatic update mechanism
Soft Organizer automatically updates to new versions. You don’t need to visit the website of the program or download or install the tool manually. You simply click the Update button, and the program does the rest.

Program description
If the purpose of some program in the list looks vague, you can view its description by clicking the special question icon near the program title (not available for all programs).

Check for new versions
For installed programs there’s an option to check for newer versions of a program. This allows you to keep applications up-to-date, as well as to eliminate bugs and problems caused by the outdated versions.

What's New:

  • Optimization of the main menu that is available through the button with the three horizontal lines ("sandwich").
  • The Universal Windows Platform applications list generation was accelerated by two and a half times. To view them, expand the folder titled "Windows 10 Apps".
  • A new setting "Skip the User Account Control warning" added. When enabled, you will be able to launch Soft Organizer using the Desktop shortcut without the User Account Control warning.
  • The progress is displayed directly on the Taskbar during the long operations.
  • Bug fixed: The Universal Windows Platform apps' sizes were not displayed.

Supported OS:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32bit/64bit)


How To Install:

1. Matikan antivirus
2. Ekstrak files dan install program
3. Exit setelah selesai
4. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
5. *C:\...\Soft Organizer
6. Register guna key yang disediakan
7. Masukkan winspool.drv ke dalam antivirus exclusion
8. Done.


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Older Version:

Soft Organizer 7.40 | RePack by D!akov
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Soft Organizer 7.51 Full + Crack Reviewed by Pirate4All on December 03, 2019 Rating: 5 Soft Organizer 7.51 Full Version   Merupakan aplikasi yang amat berguna untuk menginstall aplikasi serta menjejaki perubahan yang dib...
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