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RadioBOSS Advanced Full + Crack

Pirate4All | January 26, 2019

Full Version
RadioBOSS Advanced Full Version - RadioBOSS menyediakan pengaturcaraan kejuruteraan dan automasi  radio profesional di sebahagian kecil daripada apa yang dikenakan oleh aplikasi lain. Jika anda mencipta pengaturcaraan untuk terestrial atau  stesen radio Internet, RadioBOSS membolehkan anda membina playlist yang canggih dengan fitur profesional yang anda perlukan.

RadioBOSS juga merupakan penyelesaian mudah digunakan untuk membuat muzik latar belakang untuk pelbagai tempat: kelab, bar, restoran, gim dan kelab kesihatan. Dengan RadioBOSS, anda boleh dengan cepat membuat muzik latar belakang yang sesuai untuk perniagaan anda dan RadioBOSS akan berjalan tanpa pengawasan dan bebas masalah selama berbulan-bulan pada satu masa.


  • Support formats mp3, wma, wav, ogg, CD audio
  • Plugins to support other file formats (AAC, FLAC, ...) 
  • 10 customizable file types (mix settings, change sound level) 
  • Ability to create Internet radio 
  • Play streaming audio (HTTP, FTP and MMS protocols) 
  • Automatic update track information (copy file to FTP and / or HTTP request; text or XML format) 
  • Automatic generation of playlists from a template 
  • Schedule (scheduler) with command support 
  • Generate detailed reports on what and when played (CSV format) 
  • Indexed Composition Database s and a quick search on it 
  • Increase the level of advertising and announcements 
  • Simultaneous work with two playlists
  • Using the capabilities of multi-channel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.) 
  • Relay support 
  • Voice track function (voice track) 
  • Built-in effects: echo, reverb, flanger, tempo, pitch 
  • 12-band equalizer 
  • Support for smooth transition mode (crossfades) between tracks 
  • WinAMP and DirectX plug-in support (via AdaptX) 
  • Automatic volume control - all files play at one volume 
  • Cutting silence at the beginning and end of the file 
  • 2 independent outputs: stereo split; division by channels on multichannel maps; use of two sound cards 
  • Color indication in the playlist (highlighting tracks by type) 
  • File recoder (mp3-> wma etc ...) 
  • Grabber CD discs
  • Profiles support (individual settings for each user) 
  • Tag editor for all types of files 
  • Comments - you can add comments to each track 
  • Playlist function in playlist 

What's New:

  • Setting up the broadcast on RadioBOSS Cloud through the master 
  • API team to get the RadioBOSS version and running time ("status") 
  • Track Tool: determine the mix point by level 
  • Track Tool: confirm when you delete the add. information for the track 
  • Improved playback of car maps in a cycle 
  • Fixed a bug with fonts when loading maps of a machine 
  • Improvements in the edit window of the playback queue 
  • Improvements in the edit window for several actions for the task 
  • Fixed an error with the playback speed of the stream without a sound card on some computers 
  • Other corrections

Supported OS:

  • Windows


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
4. *C:\...\RadioBOSS
5. Done.


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