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PCmover Business 11.01.1008.0 Full + Crack

Pirate4All | June 13, 2019
PCmover Business 11.01.1008.0 Full Version - adalah applikasi yang memudahkan anda untuk mengembalikan atau berpindah ke PC baru tanpa meninggalkan apapun di belakang, walaupun terdapat perbezaan versi windows pada PC lama dan baru. Tiada apapun yang berubah pada PC lama dan tiada overwritten pada PC baru. PCmover Business merupakan penyelesaian sempurna untuk anda yang berkeinginan untuk menggunakan PC baru dengan semua pengaturan adalah seperti PC lama.


  • Reduces deployment time for PC migrations by up to 4 hours per PC.
  • Ensures all user profiles, settings, and data are transferred without error.
  • Automatically reinstalls applications and custom-built programs, without having to manually configure each one.
  • Post-migration support tickets are reduced because everything on the PC is where the user expects it to be.
  • Advanced deployment features include running PCmover from a memory stick, attached drive, or a server share.
  • Migrate selected programs, settings, data, user accounts and other "PC Personality" elements to a new PC automatically
  • Migrate Via: Network (LAN, WAN), Laplink USB or Ethernet Cable, or File Based (External Drive)
  • Perform In-Place Upgrades
  • Restore an old PC image to a new OS
  • Run directly from a command line
  • Generate migration reports
  • Install and run from a network location, USB thumb-drive or other portable storage device

What's New in Version 11:

  • NEW! Auto Connect
  • NEW! Improved Application Processing
  • NEW! Streamlined User Interface
  • NEW! Faster Transfer
  • NEW! USB 3.0 Support
  • User Profile Selectivity
  • Undo Feature
  • Includes Free Transfer Assistance

Supported OS:

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
4. *C:\...\Laplink PCmover
5. Merge regfile
6. Block program dengan firewall
7. Done.


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