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Office Tab Enterprise 14.00 Full + Keygen

Pirate4All | July 11, 2019

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BOX_Office Tab Enterprise 14.00 Full
Office Tab Enterprise 14.00 Full Version - Microsoft Office biasanya tidak didatangkan dengan fitur tab jika anda membuka banyak dokumen dan ini akan melambatkan kerja selain ianya amat menyulitkan. Seperti fungsi tab yang terdapat pada browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Office Tab Enterprise membawa interface tab ke Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 dan Office 365 (termasuk Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Project dan Visio). 


Save All In One Click
A key advantage of Office Tab is that you can save time by consolidating your actions! For example, if you've opened multiple files, you don’t have to save and close them individually; just click "Save All" from the Context menu and all your files are saved. Want to close all opened files? Simply select "Close All” and all your files will be closed.

Manage Documents In Groups Details
In Office Tab, you can add a saved Microsoft Office file to a group. You can quickly open a group of documents or a group of Excel files and so on.

Rename Files Easily
You don’t have to open the "Save As" dialog to rename a file. Just click "Rename" on the Context Menu in the tab and enter the new file name—it’s that simple! If you want to save the file in another folder, select "Save As" from the Context Menu.

Displays Full File Name
If a file name is long, typically, the Windows taskbar displays only a small part of it, which is often a problem. However, with Office Tab installed, you will able to see the entire file name on the Tab Bar, no matter how long it is.

Useful Context Menu
Right-click on a tab or Tab Bar to access the tab/tab bar context menu. Office Tab also combines some common command items in Microsoft Office, letting you access those items more quickly.

The tabbed interface allows you to open multiple documents in a single window. Each document appears as a new tab within the window (not a new window) and can be accessed with one click. This feature improves your efficiency when working with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Access and Visio).

High Performance
Office Tab is based on the standard Microsoft Office Add-in Technology. It does not impact the performance of the standard application and has an extremely small file size.

Move Tabs
Tabs can be moved easily by dragging. You can switch between tabs using the mouse or you can activate a tab by pressing Alt + N (“N” being the tab order "1, 2, 3…").

Customize Tab Appearance
The colors of the tabs and the Tab Bar are customizable. There are 11 styles for you to choose from. Within each style, the font style and the name of each tab can be changed to suit your preference (to apply these changes, you will need to close and restart Microsoft Office).

Plenty Of Shortcuts
Office Tab supports plenty of built-in as well as user-defined shortcuts to handle the tabs, hide/display the Tab Bar, switch between tabs, and select specific tabs. Personalized shortcuts are easy to assign.

Show / Hide The Tab Bar
You can place the Tab Bar on the top, bottom, right or left side of your workspace. You can even hide the Tab Bar when there is only one tab. You may also show or hide the Tab Bar using a customizable shortcut key (the default shortcut key is “Win + Q”).

Open Documents
The Context Menu contains the following options: "Open," "Open in New Window," and "Open Folder." It's easy to open an existing file or folder, and open more than one tabbed window.

All-In-One Settings Center
Office Tab has a powerful Settings Center, where you can configure all Office Tab settings. You can use the Tab Center to manipulate all your settings such as enabling/disabling the tab separately, using shortcuts (or not), displaying the Tab Bar on the top, bottom, left or right position, choosing the Tab Style, and customizing the tab colors.

Create New Document
You can quickly create a New Document by double-clicking the left button on the blank space of the Tab Bar, or choose to use the "New" command item on the Context Menu.

Save Documents
"Save" and "Save All" commands on the Context Menu can be used to save all the documents with just one click. Office Tab marks the modified documents or workbooks with an asterisk (*) in their file names to indicate their modified status.

Close Documents
The Context Menu also contains the following options: "Close," "Close All," and "Close Other,” offering users flexibility in closing the opened documents. Double-clicking the left button on the tab or clicking the middle mouse button will quickly close the opened document.

Customize Tab Length
The tab length can be set to automatic, self-adaptive, or fixed (the default length is “automatic”). Automatic shows as much of the file name as possible. Self-adaptive shows the file name depending on the space available on a tab. With fixed tab length, all the tabs have the same length.

What's New:

  • Sync Ribbon Selected Tab (NEW!)
  • Sync Ribbon Size (NEW!)
  • Support for multi-screen HDPI, fix the problem of Office workspace confusion caused by different resolutions of multiple screens.
  • Modify the appearance matching color for Office 2016 and later versions.
  • Always show the New button in multi-line label mode.
  • When opening the documents from the favorites, all files will be opened in the order they are added.
  • The default max-width of the Auto Size layout has been adjusted to 85 characters.
  • The default tab style has been modified to Style-3 for Office 2013 and later versions.
  • Fixed bugs.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


Office Tab Enterprise 14.00 Full
Office Tab Enterprise 14.00 Full
How To Install:

1. Matikan antivirus
2. Ekstrak files dan install program
3. Jalankan keygen
4. Klik Install License Helper
5. Kemudian, klik Generate
6. Gunakan data tersebut untuk register Office Tab Enterprise
7. Done.


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