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WinZip PRO 24.0 Build 13618 Full + Key

Pirate4All | September 10, 2019

Full Version
WinZip PRO 24.0 Build 13618 Full Version - adalah utiliti zip popular untuk windows yang menguruskan file zip anda seperti compression, backup data, membuka banyak compression formats (termasuk Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, VHD, XZ dan banyak lagi), melindungi privasi zip anda dengan fungsi encryption, serta mempunyai fungsi sharing files. Interfacenya juga adalah device-friendly. 


  • Zip and unzip instantly
  • Manage all your files in one place
  • Share directly to cloud, social media and IM
  • Convert to PDF, add watermarks and resize photos
  • Connect and share on the go with ZipShare

What's New:

NEW! Search Files faster
Stop searching for files in all the wrong places. Use WinZip’s new built-in search feature to quickly track down files stored locally, on your network, or in your cloud storage, even when you don’t remember where you put them.

NEW! Combine Multiple PDF files into One PDF
Use WinZip Pro or Enterprise to combine your PDFs. You can convert multiple PDF files into a single PDF file to save, zip, or share. You can even organize the order of pages in your PDF, then combine and protect them with WinZip’s PDF security features.

NEW! Experience better Zipx Compression
Compress your Zipx files smaller and faster. WinZip’s new compression method for Zipx format is based on ZSTD. That means you can use it to compress and decompress many file types faster, while achieving compression rates better than DEFLATE and DEFLATE64.

NEW! Pin Favorites in the Files Pane
Pin and access favorite files and folders in WinZip’s Files Pane. The Files Pane is already a convenient way to manage, zip and unzip your files. Now you can pin your favorite local, network, and cloud-based files to the Quick Access section and access them with the click of a button.

NEW! Shell Extensions supported in the Files Pane
Perform shell extension operations right from the Files Pane. Getting better Explorer functionality is as simple as adding Shell Extensions to the Explorer context menu. Now that WinZip’s Files Pane supports these extensions, you no longer need to leave it to perform operations previously only available in Explorer.

NEW! Create Backup Jobs from Explorer
Use WinZip Pro or Enterprise to create Backup jobs from the Explorer context menu. Just select files in Windows Explorer, select Create a WinZip Job, and choose when and how often your job runs. WinZip will walk you through Zipping and storing selected files, optional notifications, and sharing features.

ENHANCED! Manage file clutter more efficiently
Set a schedule for WinZip’s Cleaner Tools to find computer, network, or cloud storage files you haven’t used in a while. Then decide if you want to delete, zip, or relocate them. You can even use the new Ignore option to prevent files you don’t want to clean from being flagged. And WinZip Pro and Enterprise users can create custom, filter-based cleaners.

ENHANCED! Get improved Zip File Performance with Direct Access
Use WinZip’s Direct Access to bump up cloud-stored Zip file performance by downloading only parts of a file as you need them. The larger the Zip file, the better performance you’ll experience. Direct Access even downloads extra Zip file parts in the background and keeps them ready while you’re choosing files to unzip or view.

ENHANCED! Switch Easily between Zip and Zipx
You can now use a simple Ribbon toggle to switch between creating a Zip or Zipx file. And when you’re ready to save, you can choose between saving your file as Zip or Zipx.

ENHANCED! Enjoy Extended Enterprise cloud support
WinZip Enterprise users will enjoy expanded Enterprise cloud services. With better control and a better fit for your business in mind, WinZip’s supported cloud services have expanded to include OpenStack and SwiftStack regions and credential files, Alibaba, Wasabi, HP, Oracle, Azure, WebDAV, CenturyLink, IONOS and OVH cloud providers.


  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


WinZip PRO 24.0 Build 13618 Full + Key
 How To Install:

1. Buka 'Hidden Files' melalui 'Folder Option' Windows
2. Ekstrak files dan install program
3. Exit setelah selesai
4. Copy kandungan key ke folder C:\ProgramData\WinZip\
5. Done.


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WinZip PRO 24.0 Build 13618 Full + Key Reviewed by Pirate4All on September 10, 2019 Rating: 5 WinZip PRO 24.0 Build 13618 Full Version -  adalah utiliti zip popular untuk windows yang menguruskan file zip anda seperti compressio...
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