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Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full + Crack

Pirate4All | November 20, 2019

Full Version
LOGO_Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full
Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full Version

Plagiarism Checker X 2019 membantu anda mengesan plagiarisme dalam kertas penyelidikan anda, blog, tugasan, dan website. Dengan kelajuan dan ketepatan yang lebih tinggi, anda boleh menyemak persamaan dokumen anda dengan mudah dalam beberapa saat sahaja. Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full Version.


Data Privacy
Plagiarism Checker X fully respects your data privacy and everything you paste inside the software remains undisclosed. As you know, this is a software not service: so you use it right from your desktop. We will use this data only for plagiarism checking. You can read our privacy policy to know about your rights, in details.

Accuracy and Speed
A comparative analysis of various products and online plagiarism checking tools has shown that our product is 3 time faster than its competitors. You can receive a complete HTML report in few seconds. However, this speed does not impact the accuracy. Experience it yourself by downloading the product and trying for free.

Categorization and Highlighted Reports
During the development of our 'plagiarism checking tool', we have kept 'ease of use' prior to everything else. Using Plagiarism Checker X is not just simple but also fun. The copied content is given a particular color, depending on the percentage of the duplication. Blue and yellow are bearable while red indicates an alarming situation, where removal is the only option.

Comprehensive HTML Report
Whenever you are writing an assignment or blog post; make sure to use some plagiarism checking software to ensure originality. A detailed HTML report is a unique feature that makes Plagiarism Checker X equally effective tool for students and publishers. Instantly check status of the content and receive the list of all pages, where the particular sentence/paragraph/article is available.

Reach the Original Source
PlagiarismCheckerX is the finest online plagiarism detector owing to its comprehensive reporting. We take you one step ahead in content scanning by leading to the original destination of the content. When you submit your written work for checking, it displays you some URLS that have the same content as your submitted material. This means, you can easily identify if the data is copied.

Search Engine Flipping
One of the serious bugs in many online plagiarism checkers is their inability to check content in multiple search engines. They focus Google and forget about the rest, which is wrong actually. From SEO perspective, this is very important to check content availability in every search engine. We have added 'auto-flipping' feature in the latest version of PlagiarismCheckerX, which checks your content in leading search engines automatically.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full
 Plagiarism Checker X Pro 6.0.10 Full
 How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
4. *C:\Program Files (x86)\PlagiarismCheckerX
5. Jalankan program dan masukkan sebarang email
6. Done.


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