CODIJY Recoloring 4.2.0 (x64) Full + Crack

Full Version

CODIJY Recoloring 4.2.0 (x64) Full Version

Meneliti dunia pewarnaan foto. CODIJY Recoloring mempunyai semua yang anda perlukan untuk menukar foto anda menjadi warna yang cerah dan realistik! Sekiranya anda mencari tool untuk memulakan pengembaraan anda dalam dunia pewarnaan foto, CODIJY Recoloring adalah apa yang anda perlukan! CODIJY Recoloring 4.2.0 Full Version.


Complete Color Studio
CODIJY Recoloring packs in all essential tools and is built on top of the cutting edge technology!

Awesome tech
Natural, realistic results guaranteed.

Complete Tools
All essential drawing & color picking tools included.

28 Color Libraries
Ready color palettes are always at hand!

Focus on Colors
– CODIJY Recoloring takes away the hassle from colorization.
– It’s elegant interface and well-thought-out workflow let fully concentrate on “playing” with colors!

All-in-one Toolbox
Make use of complete colorization Pens, advanced Color Picker, HSB Repaint, as well as the selected pack of Color Libraries, Color History and more!

Color Picker
Select colors visually or using the keyboard.

Color History
Instantly refer to the recently used colors.

28 Color Libraries
Pick colors for portraits, natural objects and materials.

Drawing Tools
Add, protect and remove colors with four pens.

HSB Repiant
Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness of masks.

Gradient Settings
Compose and edit your own gradients.

What’s New in Version 4:

CODIJY presents the 4th edition of CODIJY Colorizer Pro and CODIJY Recoloring.

New path for the pre-defined libraries on windows
To eliminate a frequent problem with access to libraries on Windows, they are now saved in the installation folder. In connection with this, if you plan to install CODIJY software on a fresh system, you will only be able to add colors to custom libraries. The Libraries you create, get saved to the Documents folder as before. Note that if you edited the pre-defined libraries in the older versions and want to keep adding colors to them in the future, we recommend exporting these libraries and then importing them as the custom libraries.

Repaint Multiple Strokes (New Tool)
Tired of repainting multiple masks of the same color one by one? The new Group Repaint Color Picker tool now allows selecting all strokes of the same tone by clicking over one of its instances and apply the new color to them at once!

Capture Solid Colors (New Tool in Pro)
If you frequently refer to the color images in search for the best matching colors, the new Color Capture tool will facilitate this process for you! You can call the Color Capture Dialog from the Color Picker any time and pick the color from the sample photograph directly into the Color Picker.

Alfa Channel (Supported)
Support for alfa channel now allows you to colorize images with transparences providing for more options to create spectacular work of arts with CODIJY Colorizer Pro and CODIJY Recoloring.

Akvis Coloriage Strokes import (Supported in Pro)
You can now select the file with Akvis Coloriage Strokes in the Import Masks dialog and import them into your CODIJY document.

Lock The angle (New Shortcut)
We keep adding new shortcuts that speed up the drawing process! When drawing the Line mask, you can now control and lock the angle of the stroke, by holding down the Shift button.

High DPI Support (Interface)
Enables the Windows version of Colorizer Pro and Recoloring look good on different DPIs.

Track Undo Actions (Interface)
The new Edit menu now lets track the undo/redo actions you are about to perform.

Supported OS:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10  (64bit only)


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
4. *C:\Program Files\CODIJY\CODIJY Recoloring
5. Block Program dengan firewall
6. Done.





Download Here:

64bit ⇒ [58.8MB] CODIJY Recoloring 4.2.0 Full | Mirror

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