BluffTitler Ultimate (x64) Full + BixPacks Collection 2017

Full Version

BluffTitler Ultimate (x64) Full Version

Merupakan aplikasi untuk membuat intro video yang mengagumkan serta terlihat professional dengan penghasilan tajuk 3D dan kesan 3D ke atas video . Tarikan utama sesebuah video adalah pada intronya kerana ia memberi gambaran sepenuhnya bagaimana kandungan video tersebut diolah menjadi menarik. Intro jugalah yang memainkan peranan bagi memastikan penonton ternanti-nanti sehingga penamatnya. Dan kerana itulah BluffTitler Ultimate (x64) Full Version terhasil. Ia adalah applikasi yang memberikan anda banyak pilihan bagaimana untuk anda olah intro menjadi lebih menarik. Terdapat pelbagai template boleh dipilih dan hasil kerja anda boleh dieksport ke format MP4, AVI, JPG dan PNG.


Super fast
BluffTitler uses state of the art 3D game technology to render your animations in realtime. Exporting as video is super fast.

Powerful render engine
BluffTitler is powered by its own custom 3D render engine, optimized for rendering text. It turns font glyphs into 3D models with bevels, strokes and hundreds of other effects. Ligatures, kerning, emoji, swash tails, diacritical marks and variants are supported.

Magically easy
Complex 3D rendering techniques like depth of field , displacementmapping and cubemapping are offered as easy to use effects.

Lots of templates
The installer comes with hundreds of ready to use templates. BixPack and the community offer more templates.

Many export options
Export your title as a video file (MP4, AVI) or as numbered frames (JPG, PNG) in any resolution, framerate, compression and with or without alpha channel.

What’s New:

  • 64 bits executable: much faster and access to much more memory!
  • 17 new effects: Filters / Kaleidoscope, Text / 3Colours, Picture / Plane2Pyramid, Special / Inflate, Special / NormalMapper, Special / Octopus, Special / ClipAdditive, Special / UVModifierAdditive, Special / JigsawPuzzle3D, Special / Interiormap, Picture / ExtrudePicture, System / ViewShadowmap, Filters / JigsawPuzzle, Text / TwistedText, Picture / TwistedPicture, ProceduralTextures / BezierCurve & ProceduralTextures / ControlPanel
  • Improved water layer + new water templates
  • When you have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack, BluffTitler now plays MP4, QuickTime MOV, WebM and all other video formats supported by the LAV Video Decoder. Learn more
  • When you have installed FFmpeg, BluffTitler now exports as QuickTime MOV, WebM, WMV and Animated GIF. MP4 export in 4K is no longer a problem. Learn more
  • QuickTime MOV codec selector in Drivers tab of SETTINGS> Options … dialog. Supported codecs: QTRLE & ProRes
  • New menu item: MEDIA> Change glyph …. Learn more
  • New menu item: EDIT> Change all vectors …
  • New menu item: EDIT> Change all models …
  • Thumbnails for vector (EPS) and 3D model files (X)
  • Counters in Change all media power buttons in top right render window
  • New power button: Community
  • New quality mode: choose SETTINGS> Super high quality
  • The samples per pixel (SPP) is now printed in title bar between []. This determines the antialiasing quality and can be adjusted with the SETTINGS> Low, Normal, High and Super high menu items
  • Oscillator mode in VJ dialog. Learn more
  • The textures generated by the colourmap and cubemap layers as well as the shadow maps are rendered in the top right when choosing SETTINGS> Render info
  • 30 new title templates in the Titles folder
  • New pageflipper templates in the Picture folder (using the updated Picture / DoubleSided effect)
  • 4 new styles in the sketch layer: Gear, Hexagram, Triangle & Hexagon
  • 3 new styles in the light layer: Projected shadows on wall, Shadow maps & Directional light
  • 3 new properties in the light layer: Direction, Shadow map bias & Shadow softness
  • 3 new styles in the model layer: 3D in background, 3D in 3D space & 3D in foreground
  • 2 new styles in the cubemap layer: Custom & Reflect water
  • 2 new styles in the text layer: Stroked sharp & Inflated
  • 2 new styles in the mirror layer: Rectangle & Vector. Click on the Change vector … button to select a vector file
  • 1 new property in the mirror layer: Depth bias
  • 1 new property in the particle layer: Min distance
  • Bevel size is automatically limited to prevent intersections and distortion
  • Characters property of the vector layer is now 2D: the 2nd slider controls the number of lines
  • Option to use fog color as background color in FILE> Set background color … dialog
  • Show duration is no longer rounded off to whole seconds. You can now, for example, enter 2.5 in the FILE> Set show duration … dialog
  • Pixel media: new textures, new shows and a new model
  • Natural sort in file dialog

BixPacks Collection 2017


– BixPack 01 – Virtual Studios
– BixPack 02 – Ornaments
– BixPack 03 – Home Videos
– BixPack 04 – Lights, Camera, Action
– BixPack 05 – Sports
– BixPack 06 – Shine and Glow
– BixPack 07 – Glitz and Glam
– BixPack 08 – Dust, Dirt & Destruction
– BixPack 09 – Emotions
– BixPack 10 – Splines in Space
– BixPack 11 – Party
– BixPack 12 – Lists
– BixPack 13 – Introductions
– BixPack 14 – Broadcast
– BixPack 15 – Sound Systems
– BixPack 16 – Newsrooms
– BixPack 17 – Happy
– BixPack 18 – Christmas and New Year
– BixPack 19 – Love & Wedding
– BixPack 20 – Space
– BixPack 21 – Candy
– BixPack 22 – Dutch skies
– BixPack 23 – DJ Markruz
– BonusPack
– DJ Party
– DPack1
– DPack2
– Music Visualization Pack

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit only)
  • A DirectX 11 compatible graphics card


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
4. *C:\Program Files\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler
5. Jalankan program -> SETTINGS -> Switch to Ultimate Edition.
6. Done.




Download Here:

64bit ⇒ [52.5MB] BluffTitler Ultimate Full | Mirror
BixPacks ⇒ [474.7MB] BixPacks Collection 2017 | Mirror

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