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SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro 6.0 Full Version

Ubah gambar digital anda menjadi poskad  yang sempurna! Sama ada orang yang lewat, wayar gantung atau hanya bayangan yang tidak diingini, anda boleh menjadikan gambar anda bebas dari objek yang terganggu dengan mudah. Keluarkan objek yang tidak diingini hanya dengan satu klik! Simple Photo Editor akan membantu anda memilih keseluruhan objek dan mencipta semula apa yang ada di bawahnya, menghasilkan poskad yang bersih dan sempurna bebas daripada kecacatan dan gangguan. SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro 6.0 Full Version.


Remove Objects in a Click
Clean up distractions in your photos with a click of a button! SoftOrbits Photo Editor perfects Smart Select, Smart Mask and Smart Background, enabling you to select and remove objects such as distracting shadows, power poles or simply random passers-by.

Perfect Your Photos
You no longer need an expensive photo editing suite to turn your digital photos into masterpieces. SoftOrbits Photo Editor will tidy up your pictures by helping you select and remove unwanted objects, enhance photos automatically or under your supervision, sharpen up the details, leveling horizon and framing the picture just right. The tool is small and lightning fast. You’ll be using it like a pro in no time, producing perfect shots one after another.

The Perfect Photo Toolbox
SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a fully featured toolbox of photo editing tools. With these easy tools, you can automatically fix small imperfections and correct the red eye effect, control brightness and contrast, adjust white balance, as well as frame, rotate, flip and frame pictures to achieve the best composition.

Sharing and Publishing Made Easy
How many times have you seen a blurred, overly compressed photo appear on your timeline? You can wave them goodbye with this simple photo editor! The tool can help you make your photo Web-ready by carefully choosing all the right resolution, sharpening and compression settings to produce files that look better on the Web than anything you’ve seen from your friends.

Manage Your Photo Collection
Scan through your photo collection, and you’ll likely see a host of pictures that are so close to each other they aren’t worth keeping. SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a convenient file manager allowing you to navigate through your entire photo collection and delete duplicates in just a few clicks.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Register guna key yang disediakan
3. Blok program dengan firewall
4. Done.




Download Here:

⇒ [16.1MB] SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro 6.0 Full | Mirror

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