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Source Insight 4.00.0131 Full Version

Perlu Memahami Code? Source Insight adalah berorientasikan projek berkuasa editor programming, pelayar kod, dan penganalisa yang membantu anda memahami kod, sambil anda bekerja dan merancang. Source Insight mempunyai built-in analisis dinamik untuk C / C ++, C #, Java, Objective-C, dan banyak lagi. Source Insight 4.00.0131 Full Version.


  • Always Up-To-Date Symbol Definition Information
  • Quick Access to All Symbols and Files
  • Call Graphs and Class Tree Diagrams
  • Context Sensitive Dynamic Type Resolution
  • Automatic Display of Declarations in the Context Window
  • Syntax Formatting – Like Syntax Coloring but More
  • Symbol Windows For Each File
  • Context-Sensitive Smart Rename
  • Finds References Quickly
  • File and directory comparing (diff).
  • Collapse code blocks
  • Mixed Language Editing
  • Code Beautifier
  • Visual Themes
  • Overview Scroller and enhanced scroll bar
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Project-wide Keyword Searches Like an Internet Search on Your Code Base
  • Auto Completion
  • Project Orientation
  • Code Snippets
  • Bookmarks
  • Backup File Management
  • Fast Project-Wide Search and Replace, and Reference Lookups
  • Project Window with Multiple Views
  • Integrates with External Compilers and Tools
  • Clip Window for Storing Clipboards and Boiler Plate Code
  • Two-Stage Line Revision Marks and Selective Line Restoration
  • Extensible File Types and Languages
  • Source Export to HTML
  • Crash Recovery Offers Full-Time Protection
  • High DPI Display support
  • Special Support for Remote Terminal Server Sessions
  • Import external symbols from other sources or assemblies
  • Master file list for projects, so team members can share file lists
  • Speedy and Convenient

New Features in Source Insight Version 4:

  • Source Insight 4.0 has many exciting new features and improvements. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Improved language parsing for C/C++, C#, Java, and other languages.
  • Language support now built-in for Objective-C, Python, PHP, XML, and JSON files.
  • Imports symbols from external sources, such as .NET assemblies, Java JAR files, and Include files.
  • File Window tabs appear across the top of the main application window.
  • Collapsible code blocks. You can control the position and appearance.
  • File and directory comparing (diff).
  • Code beautifier that works on curly brace languages, such as C/C++ and C#.
  • Unicode support.
  • Automatic reference highlights when you click on any identifier, showing references in the correct scope.
  • New User Interface with Panels and user-defined Visual Themes.
  • New Overview scroller bar is positioned like a scroll bar, but gives you a bird’s eye view of your file. It can show you the boundaries of the current function and help to orient you within long functions.
  • New enhanced vertical scroll bar shows more details within the scroll bar.
  • Multiple window layouts you can switch quickly.
  • Code Snippets – define reusable templates of code to insert, which can include auto-generated placeholder variables.
  • Improved bookmarks – book marks are now stored persistently and they are stored as a line offset from a nearby function or class name. Each project has its own book mark list.
  • Improved Relation window – Reference finding is faster. There is also a new relation type for functions: “calls and callers”. This shows both in the same outline or graph. You can also copy the graph view to the
  • Windows clipboard.
  • Maintain backup files per-project, and easily compare with backup versions, or open an older version of the current file.
  • Better regular expressions – now supports Perl-compatible and multi-line expressions.
  • Better support for large projects. The virtual memory usage has been improved so that very large projects can fit better into the memory space. Older versions could suffer from a file read error on the project index files for large numbers of symbols, leading to project corruption. This has been eliminated.
  • Easier project management with multiple users and machines by using a Master File List. A project can have a MFL, which can be a part of your source code repository and shared with other people. It is a simple text file that lists all the files (and/or directories) in your project.
  • Export project source to HTML site. You can use this to export all the files to HTML versions that contain most of the same syntax formatting you see in Source Insight. This builds a web site that can used to browse the project source code with a web browser.
  • Browser Mode – Source Insight behaves as a read-only code browser. Simply clicking on identifiers will jump to definitions like in a web browser.
  • Symbol Window pane attached to each source file window now has a collapsible outline view.
  • All new configuration system which keeps all your settings in XML files.
  • Many improvements all over the program!

Supported OS:

  • Windows


How To Install:

1. Matikan antivirus
2. Ekstrak files dan install program
3. Exit setelah selesai
4. Copy kandungan crack ke folder program
5. *C:\…\Source Insight 4.0
6. Gunakan keygen untuk generate license file
7. Jalankan program
8. Jika license diperlukan, pilih “”Import a new license file.” dan pilih lic file tadi
9. Done.




Download Here:

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