InPixio Photo Editor 10.4.7612.28279 Preactivated

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InPixio Photo Editor 10.4.7612.28279 Full version

InPixio Photo Editor adalah satu program software photo yang dimuatkan dengan fitur dan mudah untuk digunakan. Ia menawarkan banyak pilihan penyuntingan seperti photo retouching, cropping, adding filters atau frames. Kami telah menambah beberapa modul photo retouching kepada versi baru ini, seperti sebagai pembetulan perspektif akan meningkatkan gambar anda dan memberi mereka pandangan yang asli dan kreatif selayak profesional. Selepas hanya beberapa minit menggunakan inPixio Photo Editor, anda akan mendapat hasil yang selayak pro! InPixio Photo Editor 10.4.7612.28279 Full version.


Create beautiful photos – with 1 click!

  • Add filters & photo effects: warm, black & white, pink lady, negative, sepia, science fiction, vintage…
  • Cut & crop: change the focus and size of your photos without being a pro.
  • Edit your photos: change the colour & brightness etc. to get the most out of your favourite shots!
  • Automatic correction in 1 click
  • NEW! Correct perspective in your photos
  • IMPROVED! Selective retouching module

Viewing your photos
Relax, Photo Editor is really quick to master. You will be able to easily navigate between the various tools. For viewing your photos you can choose a simple view but also:

  • A double viewing window
  • A before-and-after view
  • Use the Zoom feature to enhance the view and make your alterations in the closest detail.

Batch processing
Apply changes to multiple photos at once

Save your own settings
Which you can call up again in just one click during future projects

What’s New in Version 10:

  • NEW! Perspective correction tool
    When taking a photo, perspective problems can arise if the camera is not far enough away from the subject. The most obvious case for perspective correction is shooting buildings from the ground. By playing with the perspective, you can easily straighten your subject.
  • NEW! Histogram in Photo Editor
    View the exposure and tones of a photo at a glance with the histogram. By interpreting the curves you will be able to tell if your photo is overexposed or not.
  • NEW! Backgrounds and cut-out objects
    New backgrounds and images added to help you design even more fun and creative pictures.
  • IMPROVED! Selective retouching module
    With selective retouching, you can apply edits exclusively to the desired area of your photo. You can isolate the area you want to retouch by using linear and radial gradients, as well as the correction paintbrush. Then you can adjust brightness, saturation, shadows, contrast etc. for a perfect, targeted edit. In this new version, you can now also adjust hue, temperature, whites, blacks…for even more striking variations.
  • NEW! Automatic saving of edits
    When you close a photo without saving, all of your adjustments are now automatically stored by default, meaning that when you return to your project, you don’t have to start over. Your photo will be configured with the most recent edits. Of course, you can also return to your original photo in 1 click.
  • NEW! RAW Images
    You can now open RAW format images in Photo Studio.
  • NEW! Help Tool
    A detailed and regularly updated database is now accessible in 1 click from the interface. This resource anticipates potential user questions and provides complete answers, once again to offer improved assistance.
  • NEW! Video tutorials available for each Photo Studio module
    To help you get the best out of the features of Photo Studio, tutorials have been added to a new section for user support, providing a simpler and more effective way to get started.

Supported OS:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10


How To Install:

1.Just install




Download Here:

⇒ [165.8MB] InPixio Photo Editor 10.4.7612.28279 Preactivated | Mirror

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