JPEGmini Pro RePack By D!akov

Full Version

JPEGmini Pro Full Version

JPEGmini Pro – Tool pengoptimuman foto. Dipercayai oleh beribu-ribu Perfectionists imej. Dapatkan saiz file terkecil tanpa menjejaskan kualiti atau menukar aliran kerja anda. Anda boleh memuat naik foto Hi-res dengan lebih cepat, menjimatkan banyak ruang hard drive, meningkatkan pengalaman tontonan pelanggan dan menjadikan website anda lebih cepat. JPEGmini Pro Full Version.


Maximum Quality, Minimum File Size
Using patented image optimization technology, JPEGmini Pro reduces the file size of your photos significantly (up to 80%), while preserving their full resolution and quality.

Enhanced Performance
JPEGmini Pro utilizes all the CPU cores in your computer simultaneously, crunching your photos at amazingly high speeds, so you can get your work done in no time. We’ve also added support for photos up to 60 Megapixels, covering all your photography needs, including Canon 5DS and Canon 5DSR, panorama shots and collages.

Fits Into Your Workflow
JPEGmini Pro now includes a plug-in for Adobe® Lightroom® and a Photoshop® extension! When you export your photos directly from Lightroom or Photoshop, they will be automatically optimized by JPEGmini to the lowest file size possible without ever sacrificing quality.

Features Of RePack:
: installation.
Languages: ENG.
Cut: nothing.
Activation: done (Igorca).

Supported OS:

  • Windows


How To Install:

1. Just install
2. Done.




Download Here:

⇒ [14.5MB] JPEGmini Pro RePack | Mirror

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