MAGIX VEGAS Pro Preactivated

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MAGIX VEGAS Pro Full Version

Vegas Pro 18 membolehkan anda untuk membuat pengeluaran video lebih cekap berbanding sebelumnya. Terokai pelbagai garis masa bersarang, tools pengeditan HDR yang terkemuka di industri, dan aliran kerja penggredan warna yang mudah digunakan, namun kuat. Dalam kombinasi bersama lebih daripada 30 fitur baru, Vegas Pro 18 menyediakan penambahbaikan aliran kerja yang komprehensif yang akan supercharge pengeluaran video anda. MAGIX VEGAS Pro Full Version.


  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • AI-driven tools
  • Sophisticated color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • Powerful plug-in management
  • Powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  • Video noise reduction tool
  • Flicker filter

What’s New:

  •  Motion Tracker Panel: Track motion in any video event with a dedicated Motion Tracker panel, the detected trace (including perspective size change and distortion) can be used in any other event FX that takes location data. Note that in favor of this more generalized solution, the motion tracker was removed from the B? Zier Masking FX.
  •  Improved Video FX, Transitions and Media Generator windows: Effects can be filtered by category and provider, you can search for an effect name and mark favorites to quickly find your favorite effect.
  • 8-Bit (full range) pixel format: This new default project pixel format supports full-range media files without conversion, while limited or undefined range files are converted to full range. The range setting for individual media is user definable in full-range projects, and the traditional 8-Bit (video level) format is still available.
  • Black Bar Fill plug-in: Fill the black bars that are created when inserting upright video or images into your movie with a blurred copy of the image.
  • Denoiser plug-in for high quality noise removal from videos.
  • Flicker Control plug-in for the reduction of flicker artifact caused by a wrongly synchronized CMOS sensor and artificial light sources or by changing lighting conditions in time-lapse sequences. You can also add artificial flicker to simulate a certain look
  • Style Transfer plug-in: Use the power of Artifical Intelligence to stylize your videos to make them look they were painted in the style of famous artists.
  • Colorization plug-in: Colorize black and white video with the VEGAS Pro AI to add more realism to that footage.
  • Integrated graphics card driver update check.
  • The Lens Correction FX has got an adittional zooming factor to hide ragged black borders at the corners of the image.
  • Export and Import of VEGAS Pro preferences for backup and for moving an installation to another computer.
  • Reworked screen capture utility VEGAS Capture.
  • Incremental Save: Save a new version of your project with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S with an auto-numbered file name.
  • A more detailed render progress dialog shows information about expected render time, end time, file size and many more.
  • Swap video files. From the Project Media dialog, you can swap the media files used in a project by choosing a different folder that contains the new video files. All files with the same name (regardless of file extension) are exchanged. You can also exchange video files only during the rendering process.
  • New Video Scopes options: The RGB parade view can work in two different modes, Separate and Combined. Also an optional Skin Tone Line display was added.
  • VEGAS Prepare: VEGAS Prepare is a versatile media database that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage all your audiovisual media – videos, audio files and images – in one place and prepare them for use in VEGAS Pro. With this tool, it is possible to import media from external and local storage devices and arrange them into collections.
  • VEGAS Hub explorer window for accessing VEGAS Prepare media collections and VEGAS Cloud.
  • Alternate High DPI mode. A new preference is now available in the General tab of the preferences dialog for an alternate High DPI mode, which may improve the High DPI experience for users who have multiple monitors that have different scaling levels set in Windows.
  • Logarithmic Exposure adjustment was added to the Color Grading panel.
  • Some more legacy features were hidden by default, use Preferences> Deprecated Features to make these visible again: Sony Wireless Media adapter, Print to Tape, Video capture, VEGAS Pro connect.

Supported OS:

  • Windows 10 64bit


How To Install:

1. Just install
2. Done.




Download Here:

⇒ [467.30MB] MAGIX VEGAS Pro Preactivated | Mirror

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