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OEM Info Updater 9.7

OEM Info Updater adalah program untuk menukar set maklumat OEM melalui logo korporat Info OEM Updater dan maklumat OEM lain. Program ini membolehkan anda untuk menukar nilai-nilai: Manufacturer, Model, clock support, phone, website dan logo. Program ini termasuk set besar logo siap atau anda boleh memilih sendiri. OEM Info Updater 9.7.


  • Installation of OEM information. The program has a database of ready-made data for most manufacturers of laptops and PCs. When starting the program, if a match is found in the database of ready-made options, the program will immediately offer to set the finished data for the current manufacturer;
  • Installation of additional information. By right-clicking anywhere in the program, select “Advanced Options.” Here you can change the following parameters: Owner, Organization, Name and description of the computer;
  • Back up and restore OEM information. By right-clicking anywhere in the program, select “Backup OEM information” or “Restore from backup”;
  • Large base of logos. You can install any logo from a large ready-made base of logos.
  • Set logo from any image. Just click the “All logo” button, select any image file, the program will crop the image itself in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • Setting your data. In the list of predefined options, select “Custom.” Enter your data in the required fields. It is not necessary to fill in all the fields. If some fields are not filled, the program considers the data for this field from the database of ready-made options (select “Apple” in the list of ready-made options, for example, and then “Custom”). You can immediately select your logo. The program itself will crop the image in a 1: 1 ratio and save the .bmp file (there may be any name) in the program folder;
  • Setting OEM or your wallpaper. On the main screen of the program, select “Install OEM Wallpaper” or “Set Your Wallpaper”. In the program folder is the file “Wallpaper.zip”. I tried to collect original wallpaper from branded laptops. To set your wallpaper, simply place the wallpaper file (s) in JPG format in the program folder (you can in a subfolder) with any name. If there is 1 JPG file in the folder, the program will install it. If there are more files, then when setting the wallpaper in the program, an additional window will open in which you can select the wallpaper from the JPG files found in the program folder;
  • Auto tuning. You can run the program with special keys. In this mode, the program will automatically install the necessary data in automatic mode, and if you are assembling Windows, you can run the program with the additional -del switch and the program, after installing the necessary data, will be deleted so as not to occupy space on the computer’s hard drive.

What’s New:

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Supported OS:

  • Windows





Download Here:

⇒ [8.0MB] OEM Info Updater 9.7 | Mirror
⇒ [74.8MB] OEM Info Updater Wallpaper | Mirror

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