FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.7 Full + Crack

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FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.7 Full Version

Akses peranti USB tempatan dalam sesi Windows jauh. USB for Remote Desktop adalah software yang membenarkan redirection peranti USB yang dipasang secara tempatan kepada anda untuk sesi desktop jauh. Ia kelihatan seolah-olah peranti USB dipasang terus ke sisi jauh. FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.7 Full Version.

How It Works:

The program consists of Server and Workstation parts. The Workstation part is installed on the local computer or thin client where USB devices are physically plugged. The Server part is installed on the remote side you are connecting to via Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP or Citrix ICA. The Server part makes redirected USB devices available for remotely logged users. The program supports a wide range of USB hardware and does not require any special configuration.


Driver-free solution
USB for Remote Desktop does not require USB device drivers on the local machine or thin client. So, any new USB device can be redirected to the remote desktop session without installing USB device drivers.
The program supports a wide range of USB hardware and does not require any special configuration.

Works with any USB devices
The program is not limited to some specific models of USB devices. It is compatible with any of them. So, it is really universal solution for USB device redirection. Even the most exotic USB devices can be redirected to your remote desktop environment.

Auto-redirecting of hot-plugged USB devices
Using the Administrative Utility, USB for Remote Desktop can be configured to redirect any newly plugged USB device immediately and automatically. You don’t have even to divert your attention away from the working process. The program will redirect the USB devices automatically every time you plug them in.

USB port redirection
In some cases it is really convenient to use some dedicated USB port for redirection. In such case any USB device being plugged to that port will be redirected to remote side. All other devices will be for local use only.

Ready for Enterprise
For large installations, it’s possible to configure the program for local and domain users remotely. The configuration can be done via Active Directory allowing to pre-set needed settings or even disable USB redirection for specified users or just for specific types of USB devices.

Whats New:

  • Workstation-side GUI added to simplify configuration and control in seamless mode.
  • New FabulaTech Virtual USB Host Controller driver brings full support for USB 3.0 and great performance improvement.
  • Easy understandable symlinks for devices.
  • Device reconnects to the same virtual USB port, even after the program restart.
  • Device options dialog added.
  • Performance and quality tweaks are added for HID devices.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.

Supported OS:

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Copy kandungan crack ke:






Download Here:

⇒ [48.2MB] FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.7 Full | Mirror

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