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FabulaTech USB over Network Full Version

USB over Network membolehkan anda menggunakan peranti USB jauh dikongsi melalui network tempatan atau Internet. Tidak mengapa jika anda berada di pejabat atau malah negara lain, kerana kini anda boleh menggunakan mana-mana peranti USB dari jauh seolah-olah ia telah dilampirkan ke komputer anda secara langsung. FabulaTech USB over Network Full Version.

How It Works:

The program consists of two parts — Server and Client. The Server part is installed on a PC where USB devices are physically plugged in, making it possible to share the devices for remote connection. The Client should be installed on computers where you need to get access to remote shared USB devices. When you connect remote USB device using a Client part on your PC, it appears as if the device was attached directly to your computer.


Real USB virtualization technology
Thanks to many years of research and development we were able to release unique USB virtualization technology. It fully emulates the USB stack of remote USB devices on the client side creating the exact virtual copy of each shared hardware USB device.

Works with any USB devices
The program is not limited to some specific models of USB devices. It is compatible with any of them. So, it is really universal solution for the remote access to USB devices. Even the most exotic USB devices can be accessed over network or the Internet.

Driver-free solution
USB over Network does not require USB device drivers on the Server side. This feature really simplifies everything, since it allows to share USB devices even when their drivers was not installed locally (or in case if the device is not supported by Server side OS). Keep in mind, that USB device drivers are required on the Client side anyway.

USB port sharing
In some cases it is really convenient to use some dedicated USB port for device sharing. So any USB device being plugged into it becomes shared automatically. This won’t affect other USB devices plugged into other USB ports.

SSL Security
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. This layer protects your private information and keeps the data safe.

Password protection
In order to provide more security, it’s possible to protect USB devices or the whole USB server by password. So, only authorized users will be able to access specified USB devices remotely.

Reversed device connections
Sometimes it’s needed to initiate device connection from Server side to Client side. So instead of connecting remote USB device, end user can “push” the local USB device to the remote computer. The call-back connection feature is especially useful in case if the Server is behind a firewall or on a NAT network.

Per-interface sharing
There is a possibility of per-interface sharing for composite devices that usually contain several USB devices. For example, if you use the webcam with built-in speaker, it’s no problem to share the webcam for remote access but leave the speakers for local use only.

Whats New:

  • Improved performance and stability for a high-speed USB 3.0 devices thanks to a multiprocessing on the Server side.
  • Automatic creation of sharing rules.
  • Ability to create callback connection to Clients.
  • The Client side obtains improved UI, enhanced device connecting rules, support for callback connections, SSL and scripts on device connect/disconnect.

Supported OS:

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


How To Install:

1. Ekstrak files dan install program
2. Exit setelah selesai
3. Jalankan Patch.bat sebagai admin
4. Register guna key yang disediakan
5. Done.




Download Here:

⇒ [20.1MB] FabulaTech USB over Network Full | Mirror

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