WhatsApp for Windows 2.2245.9

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WhatsApp for Windows 2.2245.9

WhatsApp pada masa ini adalah salah satu messenger paling popular di platform mobile. Aplikasi mobile untuk sistem operasi yang berbeza membolehkan sembang kumpulan, berkongsi lokasi dan menghantar foto dan video antara satu sama lain. Dengan pengenalan WhatsApp for Windows, anda kini dapat menikmati pengggunaan messenger kegemaran anda dari desktop anda. WhatsApp for Windows 2.2245.9.


Smooth design
This application comes with a minimalistic, stylish user interface that encompasses a broad spectrum of straightforward functions. Therefore, numerous users can operate its controls without significant efforts, regardless of their PC skills or previous experience with similar apps. When you first launch the program, you need to scan a QR code with your phone, in order for your devices to synchronize and grant you access to your account. Furthermore, you can choose to be kept signed in or automatically logged off after a certain idle period.

Send text messages, recordings or pictures
WhatsApp can help you stay in touch with your contacts by providing you with multiple ways of doing so. You can choose between sending text messages, audio or video recordings, images and also various other documents. It is possible to snap pictures with your webcam and send them instantly or select files from your computer.
More so, the chat window offers you an outstanding amount of emoticons that you can include in your messages by clicking the dedicated button and choosing your preferred one from the lists.

Group chat support
You can create group chats by choosing the New Group option from the context menu, selecting a group icon by taking or uploading a photo and setting a group subject. After you adjust the necessary settings, you can add participants by selecting them and clicking the tick symbol.
In case you no longer want to display a certain conversation in the main window, you can quickly remove it by either deleting it entirely or archiving it. Doing so is possible by either right-clicking the desired item and choosing the corresponding options or by using the functions under the dedicated Chat menu.

Reliable instant messaging application with several handy features
All things considered, WhatsApp is a lightweight, yet efficient application that can help you keep in touch with your mobile contacts by providing you with numerous handy features. It comes with a stylish design that encompasses various intuitive functions, thus proving itself to be highly accessible even for novices.

Supported OS:

  • Windows




Download Here:

32bit ⇒ [120.0MB] WhatsApp for Windows 2.2245.9 | Mirror
64bit ⇒ [154.2MB] WhatsApp for Windows 2.2245.9 | Mirror

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